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Craniosacral Unwinding + Polarity Therapy + Massage in Hot Springs

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Polarity Therapy

Through incorporating various therapeutic techniques including massage, energy and movement into a customized session, Polarity Therapy energizes and enhances the function of every system in the body and helps to reconnect with the stillness inside.

60 minutes $70, 90 minutes $100

Craniosacral Unwinding

Craniosacral Unwinding is a powerful yet gentle therapy for enhancing the body’s own healing capabilities through the craniosacral rhythm. This treatment offers deep relaxation, increased energy, improved immunity and an expansive sense of well-being.

60 minutes $70, 90 minutes $100

Raindrop Therapy

A sublime, rejuvenating therapy with essential oils applied to the spine in succession like raindrops.  Helps bring balance + harmony to the body by combining targeted massage and distinctive energy approaches.

60 minutes $80

A Walk in the Clouds

The essential foot treatment. A deeply relaxing foot soak is followed by a rose petal and cedar exfoliation and masque for soothing and softening the feet. A rejuvenating foot massage completes this exquisite therapy.

60 minutes $70

Polarity Reflexology

This therapy promotes the body’s natural healing process through stimulating reflexes in the feet. Extremely beneficial for clearing blockages and restoring balance in the energy system.

30 minutes $40

Black Hills Gold

Cedar + Sage’s signature massage. A fusion of Swedish and reflexology techniques, incorporating hot steam towels to ease muscle tension and bring deep relaxation from head to toe.

60 minutes $70


Belle Prairie Face Massage

This treatment will firm and tone muscles of the face with aromatherapy steam towels and soothing massage leaving the face feeling radiant and renewed. 

15 minutes, $15

Western Skies Scalp Massage

Simultaneously invigorating and relaxing this scalp massage decreases overall tension, opens the crown chakra and stimulates the scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

15 minutes, $15


100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils are custom blended + incorporated into your session to create a unique, nourishing experience promoting your well-being. Includes a take home custom aroma mist spritzer.


Flower Essences

Flower essences are vibrational infusions of flowers that address core issues of wellness, especially emotions, stress, and mental attitudes; enhancing clarity, peace, and happiness. Includes a take home custom blended flower essence. 


Coyote Conundrum

When you just can’t decide and need a little of everything. Flower essences, face massage, aromatherapy, scalp massage and A Walk in the Clouds- the essential foot treatment. 

90 minutes, $130

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